Exeter & North Devon Pathfinder Project

Dear Colleague,

Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey.  There are four questions to complete.  Please read the background information which will give you some context, and then follow the instructions below.

Background to the survey

Devon is one of 8 national Pathfinder sites seeking to develop effective approaches to respond to domestic violence and abuse in healthcare settings; most notably, primary care, acute care and mental health, but also including broader vital community based services and support. We are currently embedding clinical enquiry in part of the primary care system and specialist health Independent Domestic Violence Advocates (IDVA's) in North Devon District and the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospitals, and interested in understanding the impact.

Early identification of violence and abuse is a key priority within the Devon Domestic and Sexual Violence and Abuse Strategy, and as we know, health settings provide valuable opportunities for professional to ‘look beyond’ the presenting issues to get closer to the root causes, and ultimately improve outcomes.

The Domestic and Sexual Violence and Abuse strategy has ambitions to, 
  • Challenge attitudes, values and beliefs that underpin and perpetuate DSVA in order that we can prevent DSVA happening
  • Protect and support anyone experiencing DSVA and challenge and hold to account people who perpetrate DSVA
  • Provide support to people who have experienced DSVA so they live a future free from its harmful effects.  
  • Ensure serial DSVA perpetration and repeating cycles of DSVA within families are ended and the underlying issues are addressed
These are bold ambitions, and we are at a point now where we are reviewing our progress on these goals.  Part of what we want to understand better is the health and functionality of the whole system, or in other words the strength of the environment for good practice and positive outcomes happening at all.

To achieve this we want to get a sense of the current health of the system itself.  To do this we are proposing to conduct a Community Values Assessment, which will provide a snapshot of the current system in terms of:

A) the motivation and behaviours of practitioners within the current "system"
B) the system challenges that promote or inhibit good practice, and
C) the values which highlight what success looks like to stakeholders

This survey takes 5-10 minutes to complete.  We would welcome your support in completing the survey and identifying colleagues who would have an insight into the current system, so they also complete the survey.  The results will be collated into a summary report and the emerging themes explored within a series of follow up interviews.  Later in the year we hope to co-design new initiatives to test, which will hopefully improve the very things that participants care about and want to see change.

Many thanks

Kristian Tomblin
Communities and Commissioning Manager
Devon County Council

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